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By: Darkzen



Greetings to all our readers here I leave what were for me the best releases of Metal with female vocals, there are different genres and styles but here only the most representative albums of the year 2013, 20 discs which do not give them an order, because are different styles and voices, so as you will want the sort! 




Perils Of The Deep Blue number One!

It is the sixth studio album by the Norwegian gothic metal band, a good album which speaks of the good work of Morten Veland and the great voice of Ailyn




Wild Card

The second album by the Dutch symphonic metal band with the powerful and harmonious voice of Floor Jansen!



Live Retrospect

The band announced on their official website that the March 23, 2013 , will celebrate the 10th anniversary of epic in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The concert which have called Retrospect, with 70 elements symphony orchestra, choirs, international guests and lots of special effects, I know it is not a formal album as such, but deserved action and show that epic remains one of the leading bands



Colours in the Dark

It is the fourth studio album by Finnish singer Tarja Turunen, high quality voice and musicianship




Darkest White

It is the seventh studio album by the Norwegian gothic band, he delves into a much darker and aggressive soundscape on their previous album Rubicon ( 2010) , both musically and lyrically . The emotional range of the music is broader, which goes from the most brutal aggression primitive to the most fragile and poignant moments .



The Bonding

New work by veteran symphonic metal formation of Linz , Austria , led by the mesmerizing voice of vocalist Sabine Edelsbacher not disappoint because they've got a great album , the eighth in his discography and a technical demonstration



Leaves' Eyes

It is a symphonic metal band Norwegian -German, led by singer Liv Kristine. With "Symphonies Of The Night" the band has released five studio albums and ten years of training, good quality sound and voice with the Folk that characterizes this album.




Decade of Glory (live album and DVD)

This Russian pagan metal band folk metal and their live album was released in February 2013, on the occasion of its tenth anniversary show their musical ability and voice!




It is a heavy metal band formed in 2005 in San Diego, California.

Obey This album is really great band and good! For fans of Heavy Metal



Congresse of the Insane

Serves as the controlled demolition of 2 tons and the Second World War , in which the shock wave is enough to crush us with tremendous voice , Izegrim Thrash / Death Metal high power a firm hand to keep the concentrated power of his songs under control so that the brutality of the music raining down into digestible portions for listening .



Angelica Rylin


An exciting new music star is born, Swedish singer Angelica Rylin, has decided to follow his childhood dream and thus began recording an album of melodic rock every affair under the direction of Daniel Flores in production, good release this year



Recreatio carminis

Almost no one in this world is surprised a jump of a band of gothic and symphonic metal, but these German on their fifth album found him around for a entertaining product and lubricated, as it has a good dose of the always effective folk the which give us this sample.





The doom is also female, within a subgenre of heavy metal that mostly identify with the male figure . Avatarium is doom and much more , with a frontwoman as Jennie -Ann Smith this project led by Leif Edling , definitely a great record in this genre ! he heads the bassist and main songwriter of Candlemass , wrapped by Marcus Jidell , Evergrey guitarist who does a fine job on this debut album.



Anna Fiori

Magna Matter

Mexican singer Anna Fiori Symphonic / Power Metal brings us this great album of his debut album and music video 'Dreams of Freedom ' with a great singer Alfred Romero clustering Dark Moor.



Von den Meyerhof

The German group Folk Faun started this 2013 with its latest album, " Von den Meyerhof ," which was released last January 25 via Universal Music Group. In it , we show the new lead singer of the band, Katja Moslehner with more catchy and cheerful subjects.




The Black is the Color

Amazing álbum of this great band!



Amberian Dawn


Excelent Album!




A Different Shade Of Darkness

Our Dutch friends bring us Symphonic Metal this good album with some great chords and perfect voice of our friend Myrte!




Sweet cerebral destruction

A good record of this Goth Metal band from Belgium, I like the voice of this great singer as well with a different sound!



Vita Nova


Vita Nova a few months ago gave us a test combining talents that make up this great album! Which the management of voice and music make it a good album of the talented VK Lynne!



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