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Mexican Women Metalhead that México has for Everyone!2020!

Darkzen Dragon Metal Angels 

Top Mexican Women Metalhead!

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Marcela Bovio

Bio of  her:


I’m a Mexican singer and songwriter of dark, emotional chamber music and symphonic metal. I’m also a vocal coach, software engineer, cat lover and overal nerd :)

Ten years ago I left my hometown Monterrey and moved to Holland to follow my heart and further pursue a career in music. I’ve worked in metal and progressive rock for quite some time; you might know me from my work with Stream of Passion, Ayreon and The Gathering, or you might have seen me on stage performing with bands like The Gentle Storm, MaYaN and Maiden uniteD. On my solo projects I explore a more atmospheric and dreamy side of music, and combine classical musical influences with my rock and prog background.

Download three of my songs for free!


Fabiola Simac

Born on May 30, 1990, Fabiola Simac has become one of the youngest exponents of Mexican progressive rock

She began to sing at age 5, forming part of choirs and at the age of 14 she began her studies in violin, piano and cello, studying in National School of Music, Free School of Music and private lessons.

In addition to being an instrumentalist, Fabiola Simac has worked as a model, actress, lyricist and writer of poems, verses and stories.

After having collaborated in several projects such as Orphen (symphonic metal) Divine Archetype (progressive metal) Elysium ensemble (string quartet), Shukra (progressive metal) finally decides to create something of her own that shows her work as a composer to venture into the vast world of "Progressive Rock" capturing the musical influences that have nurtured her throughout her career, ranging from Gothic, classical music, through the experimental and search for new sounds to bring a fresh and unique proposal.

Since then she has recorded 4 albums, 2 singles, 4 demos more diverse collaborations with other projects such as Chac Mool, Humus, Carlos Alvarado, Oxomaxoma, Divine Archetype, Nani & Guru (Japan), Legend Sword, Mighty Thor.

At the end of 2016 Fabiola Simac creates Meliora, a progressive rock band with different influences.

In 2018 Fabiola Simac launches the first album of her band Meliora "Viaje Holístico" written and composed together with all the members, entering the world of progressive rock and psychedelia, traveling to the 70's and being part of great festivals of the genre as the Mega Prog Festival 2018 next to great legends like Le Orme.

At the end of 2018 Fabiola Simac launches her first solo single "Clinging To Nostalgia", written and composed by herself, becoming the first singer and instrumentalist of her genre to record solo material.

Fabiola Simac is currently on tour with her band Meliora, promoting her debut album "Viaje Holístico" and promoting her first solo as "Clinging To Nostalgia"


Cinthya Blackcat

Cinthya BlackCat, leader of one of the most recognized heavy metal band in Mexico, made up of only women, "Mysticagirls" promotes its DVD recorded 100% independently in Circus Flying, in cdmx, nationwide, seeking international tour and for another part with new solo material, starting this 2019 to release their single with Videoclip "The Werewolf is here"

Arranger and interpreter for collaboration in the Cartoon Network series "Villanous" for the song "Dementia's Song".

Master Classes and current teacher at Speed ​​Picking guitar school from 2017, performing in various clinics (tianguis del poplar, vasconcelos library and dif points of the Mexican Republic and solo concert presentations by Hugo Loyo, as well as international artists such as Kiko Loureiro in 2017, Koltdown in 2017, Soundcheck Expo 2018. Teacher for the URMYND platform in 2016.

Special guest for the 27th anniversary concert of the National Rock Band Liran roll in August 2018 as well as in this 2019 is being part of the production of the last material for the same band, in the same way in July 2017 by the Rock band Gothic "El clan" for the Lunario of the National Auditorium, and in 2016 next to the symphonic ensemble "Chimera" for the final of the League of leagends cup in 2016 at the Mexico City Arena.

He continues to collaborate on live performances with the Gothic rock band Via Dolorosa, immum coeli among other invitations such as session or recording musician.

In 2014 it was ranked as one of the best in the world in the genre of hard rock-metal, through an American survey, conducted on digital platforms.

MysticaGirls, is the band that has seen it grow during the last fourteen years, although her professional roots begin at 19 years of age, when she begins her musical career, venturing into music studies with private teachers such as Hugo Loyo and is currently graduated from the Bachelor of Instrumental Performance of the Fermatta Academy of Music in 2012.

Current singing student of Tenor Eliseo Barjau from 2016 to date and takes courses on vocal technique and voice maintenance.

In 2016 he released a record with Mysticagirls "Veronica the Courtesan of Hell" along with the English version in 2017

The band releases their first full-length album in 2014, being considered the Debut Album of the Year in different countries and being on the top 30 lists in some other Latin American cities. The composition and arrangements are the responsibility of the Guitarist. The Gates of hell video clip currently has more than 4 million views.

The band continues to be present at various festivals such as the Force fest 2018, Motofiesta leon 2018, puebla metal fest 2017 Hell & Heaven Metal Fest (2010, 2011 and 2014), La Mosca Fest, Hair Fest, Metal Is Coming and Force Fest 2014, Live Latino 2010, Tianguis cultural poplar among others and staying very active nationwide in various presentations

He has also continued presentations and interviews on local televisions such as Canal Once, Telemundo, Millennium TV etc.

On the other side "Gates of Hell", the band's first full-length album, was also produced, by Cinthya BlackCat, and received in 2015 important awards as best Metal Disco for the IMAS2015, Best Heavy Metal band for the Kalani Awards and Best Female Rock Group recognition for the Rockera Band Magazine.


Anna Fiori

Born on May 29th, 1991, Anna Fiori has become one of the most acclaimed metal singer in her country (México).

She has been singing since she was 4, and she has been into Mexico's metal scene since 2007.

With only 18 years, she recorded her first full lenght album as a guest singer. Since then, she has recorded 11 albums as guest singer for bands in her country and latin america. At the age of 22, Anna recorded her first solo album, with music of her own, becoming the first female singer in Mexico of her category to record a soloist album and with great reviews and comments from the press.

In 2014, joins Edenwar, a symphonic metal band from Switzerland-Spain wich released their first album on May, 2015.

One of the best known attributes from Anna is her connection with her followers, in her words: "I've got no fans, fans are for others, I've got many amazing friends and I'm truly proud and grateful to them". Do not only listen to Anna's music, become part of it.



Nitza Oremort

Nitza vocalist of the Nostra Morte and opera singer.

Gutural metal among other genres. It is a sample of how powerful and versatile our women are within the Mexican national scene.


Etell Meléndez

Singer of the Death Metal band Archetype! Formed in early 2008, Archetype is a five-piece metal act that plays aggressive death metal with a touch of technicality and heaviness.

In the first 5 years of career Archetype has released 1 EP "The Archetypic Curse" and 2 full-length albums "Rise of the Blood Slaughter" and "Asylum", toured Central America twice in 2009 and played twice the most important metal festival in Mexico "Hell & Heaven Metal Fest"


Mariana Cassaigne

I have never thought of myself as someone born gifted, as I started singing at an advanced age. I believe I acquired the gift of singing through study and hard times. I started singing when I was 16, totally inspired by Sharon den Adel from Within Temptation. In 2005, I started studying opera with Eugenia Sutti, an Italian teacher and at the same time I had my first metal band, Arcane Path, which is still my pride. I learnt so many things with them, but the most important one: The real meaning of brotherhood and family inside a band.

After Arcane Path splited up, I had other bands and other personal projects where I sang and wrote lyrics and voice lines for them. One was Apparition, an English metal band, with which I sang at the Femme Metal Fest with bands like ReVamp and Whyzdom.

I also work as a freelance studio singer, and I have sung with some recognized artists such as Andrew Lewis Hunter and War Kabbinet. I have sung in different choirs and have had different roles as soloist.

Nowadays, I'm the singer of She No More, a Mexican hard rock band. We have released our first single, Run Away, and our first videoclip "I'm Now Gone", which you can find on YouTube.

Besides music, I love dogs and cats, and I rescue them from the streets and find them a good home. I actually love all animals, and I'm vegan. I love my friends and family with all my heart. I believe we are all here to be happy, to love and to be loved, and that God loves me, and He has given me everything to be who I am today. And if you want to know more about me… well, I’m here

Esthibaliz Rojas

Professional soprano singer Lìrico-light dominates different vocal styles: opera, Pop, Rock, Musicals, Blues, Jazz and Grouls. Actress, Singing Teacher and Vocal Coach. Singer and songwriter in the groups: Erszebeth (gothic metal), Melphomene (symphonic metal), Rip Rapunzel (folk).

Vhiridiana Renteria

Professional Singer

Singer and full time musician!

Jhoana Sg

Sons of Nephilim, Alternative Metal Band founded and led by Mexican singer Jhoana born of desires and love for music.

Arianna Gp

Vocal leader of the melodic metal band.

Caligatum is a band originally from Mazatlan, known for music wrapped in a unique atmosphere with acoustic rhythms and aggressive distortions contrasted with the perfect union between lyrical / popular and guttural voice.

Dakma vid

Vocalist of the Alternative Metal band of México City Zënn Sn50

Mireya Mendoza

Voice acting actress, broadcaster, singer and vocalist of the Mexican rock band Driven. I like animals, video games, rock and cookies!

Sharon Portilla

Born in Phantom Valley, California (USA)

Sharon Portilla already showed a particular taste for music imitating her favorite artists being just a child.

Her first musical approaches arise at the age of 13 under the influence of her grandfather the great tenor David Portilla.

After his grandfather's death, Sharon decides to participate in his first rock band in 2006.

Years later she enters the National Autonomous University of México where she highlights her personal taste for performing arts and literature, with theater being one of her favorites.

She has participated as an actress in various plays, commercials, short films and also a special appearance in the feature film "Cofradía".

She as a singer began with her first personal project "DAGÁZ" in 2014 and thereafter chose music as her priority.

She is currently a lyricist and vocalist in the DOMINHUZ fusion metal band she joined in 2017.

Adriana Lorena Barrera

Vocalist of symphonic metal band Dryadia, she has managed to bring their music to several countries


Death metal band formed by four mexican women. Introtyl has 8 years experience on stage playing their own music, performed in the most recognized stages all over Mexico, but also plying shows in many cities on tour through Mexico, US and Canada as Headliners. This band had shared stage with metal bands such as Gorguts, Nervosa, Pathology, Unleash the archers, Malignancy, Transmetal, Phyrexia, Despised Icon, Jungle Rot, Cattle Decapitation, Beyond Creation, Obey the Brave among others. Introtyl is one of the most recorgnized female bands in Mexico and the most recognized in Death metal scene. Having two albums on sale, Introtyl is working in new tourdates for promotion.

Wedad Abdo

Singer of the Romanza Group: Vocal Ensemble and formerly vocalist of the metal band Halach of México City!

Sofía Lara

Lead singer of the rock band gothic metal Morante, of México City.


Lead vocalist of the Rock / Metal band Fortaleza Oculta, is a metal band from the port of Veracruz, México. Formed the month of April 2004.

Within its songs Fortaleza incorporates elements of the culture of the state of Veracruz, such as some stories, legends and musical passages of the entity. In addition to addressing everyday issues within his own musical conception, they also tries to raise awareness in the individual about his inner self and his relationship with nature.

Yesenia Jacobo

Soprano Singer. Currently vocalist of the band Elitania of Nayarit México.

Brenda Gaviño

Mexican singer with 15 years of experience on stage. Classically trained, she has participated in various projects ranging from the formal as sacred and classical music; the traditional as Latin American folklore and Mexican music; even rock, metal, world music and jazz. For 7 years she served as vocal leader of the band El Cuervo de Poe, recording two albums and being on several occasions of bands such as Therion, Epica and Within Temptation, performing in the main stages and national festivals of the genre. She participated as a singer and performer in about 1,000 performances in the interdisciplinary show "Rythms of the Night", under the artistic direction of Debra Brown and the musical direction of René Dupéré, experienced teachers of Cirque du Soleil. She In her professional training, 6 years of private instruction with the soprano Mary Camarena, music theater workshops, workshops and master classes with vocal coaches of Cirque du Soleil such as Laur Fugére and Séverine Parent, as well as an official Cirque workshop taught for singers Selected by the company's talent scouts. She currently ventures into the jazz genre and continues musical studies for the creation of an original inspiration project.

Jackie Rodríguez

Vocal leader of the Mexican band El Cuervo de Poe is a Rock band originated in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. The band was initially formed in may, 2004 with Oscar Muro (drums) and Vince Marquez (Guitar) as its founders. In 2005 they recorded what became their first DEMO, with Daniella Lazzeri as the female front voice, and David Martinez on bass.

By January, 2010 the band was nominated under the category of "Best band with lyrics in Spanish" for the Female Metal Awards in Spain. Short time after, Adan Madrigal joins the band as the official violinist.

On September, 2011, El Cuervo de Poe takes part on the compilation for female-fronted bands for the french magazine "Des Filles et des riffs", 2nd edition.

On February, 2012, they shared stage, being the opening act for the dutch band Within Temptation, and on the 13th of this very same month, the band officially releases their 2nd discographic material, under the name "Ex Libris", as an independent album.

ECDP's discography is digitally and legally available through Itunes, Bandcamp, among others.

Nowadays, and thanks to Scarecrow's distribution, people may find the band's 2nd album phisically on Mexico's main, biggest music stores.

The band also has participated composing songs for short film soundtracks such as "Serial Comic no.1 Fijacion" and "Fausto, The Extreme Magician" (animated).

Annie Pérez

Vocal leader of the Mexican metal band Forger of the State of Aguascalientes, of Death Metal Style.

Katia Barrera

Vocalist of the band of Symphonic Metal, The Legion of Hetheria of Mexico City, The band has toured throughout México, visiting almost every city in the map, as well as a couple of European festivals & tours visiting several countries such as Holland, Belgium & France, sharing the stage with bands like Lacuna Coil, Epica, Tristania, Sirenia, After Forever, Leaves' Eyes, To/Die/For, Death Angel, Metal Church, Macbeth, among many others.

Beth Santillán

Vocal leader of the Metal band of Mexico City! Everlight, their first EP "Take me down" was recorded in 2013.Their energetic music explores sound through the mix of a melodic voice, powerful riffs and dynamic rythms. Currently they are working on th

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