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By: Darkzen



Greetings This time I bring you a review of a big Spanish-language singer ! From Mexico to be exact which brings a deluxe album ! A great symphonic power  goth and let them work with craving for more ! Great vocal collaborations with Alfred Romero and Robert Moor of Dark Haven Winter sun actually own unique , dark and brooding style which leaves a great taste !



" Libera me " is a symphonic introduction, a very sublime overture with its own decorations , resting on a whole chorus sounds like Bach , Mozart or Beethoven, only to find a resemblance.



" The day of wrath " is the identity and interpretive style disc, a heavy topic but with some symphonic touch and to be classified dark and gloomy, like in their early Within Temptation After Forever or elegant background vocals and voice except with a somewhat unexpected ending .



"Dreams of Freedom" has an entry more power metal. As Dark Moor himself with an excellent contribution synthesizers Arthur Ferrante and style in the perfect battery. Here participates Alfred Romero ( Dark Moor) , if indeed something that should be noted is that it is not as noticeable on vocals, the duo is perfect , with a surprising melodic chord!



" Only once," a song that goes down the pace , with a touch heavy and excellent instruction keyboards. Note here again the perfect interpretation of my friend Anna who solves so great the demands of your subject, with excellent use of his voice, with one good , but short guitar chord to the topic.



" IMachine " is an issue with heavier , darker and heavys features with a guttural goth perfect Robert Haven (Winter Haven ), who gives a gloomy atmosphere , the voice of both balance is perfect, the grave of Anna engages perfect to guttural .



" Innocence " is completely symphonic, with a dark and delirious atmosphere that works as a bridge for " Echoes" , this interlude adds a mystical touch !



" Echoes" has a new dark atmosphere that perfectly identifies with the entire album making clear the name essentially disc .



A keyboard theme in its entirety, which again makes a magnificent performance , full of feeling and melancholy which is coupled to the feelings that transmits your voice, what surprises me is the color and tone of voice, " What Goes On " ! It really manages to convey the emotion that the song describes .



" Renacer " wow a heavy topic , after a melancholy temaso have supported this track again grandiose choruses, heavy metal so much emphasis on this track , plus guitar riff that accompanies it.



"Beyond " the same general pattern of the album a heavy subject with a high voice that can appreciate in an alternating combination of the change in his tone, which highlights the guitar solo .



" Dark times " bonus album with chilling entry keyboards based news tragedies line, a melancholy and sad atmosphere with feelings of anger, sadness and darkness surrounding this track together with the whole album, which ends yearning for more , as it is the end? Excellent end of the album !






is a labor of features gothic- power metal, the heaviness of some tracks it says , the Heavy Metal is present , which highlights excellent choirs (which gives a touch to disk ) and work great lyric , which is in keeping with the music and the feelings and emotions that are handled , it manages to convey the voice of Anna is overwhelming , has excellent performance , tone , timbre and color covering the demands of work , the disc is continuous in some places not all is dark, heavy and gloomy, the great Goth style. Perfect for themes that sang duets album is a powerful global , telling the world I'm here ! on the theme of global awareness are very well posed through each track , also a good job in design the graphics for Fernando Ricciardulli , achieved interpret the concept of the album with the image of Anna somberly and artistic one of the best covers this year I think .


The tessitura of voice deserves the attention I would rate above the 2/8, a little more serious than acute strong



Influences disc clearly Symphonic Metal style and the great masters of Holland - Finland



Perfect music and Spanish-speaking interpreter to the ordinary, Mexico present in this excellent work .



Rating: 9.3/10


My review in spanish was the last year! take a look! 



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