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GOGO MELONE behind the darkness ...


By Darkzen




This time interviewing again into a great singer and friend, that his talent is not only singing, but also an expert in graphic design and an amazing art gallery! Which we have looked at all the beautiful and dark designs that impact more than one! Gogo thank you very much for this new opportunity!



She was born on July 17, 1985 in Greece and is the lead singer of Atmospheric / Doom / Gothic Metal Luna Obscura.


She belongs to this training since its founding in 2000. Apart from his participation as lead singer in the band, is also a graphic designer, and has done covers for bands like Black Thoughts Bleeding (Ger), Theodore Ziras (Gre) and Bob Katsionis (Gre) among others, has also done other countless designs that really are amazing.



His favorite styles when designing are emotional, dark and surreal. Love the red, black and white, and their interests are digital art, photography, music and film.



Well, in order to cover all work ceases then gave me the interview to learn more about their excellent work, also for any procurement with respect to work performed as a designer she can contact her to let them really satisfied!






Thanks Gogo!



Gogo Melone who is behind the scenes?



A quiet person with a lot of concerns, sensitivities and too much thinking mind :)

I was born in a quiet beautiful city in Greece and grew up as a normal child with the normal ups and downs. From a very young age, I discovered my skills in art and soon I began to experiment in different forms. Today Art is not only a hobby, became my passion and my job of living. I suppose it couldn't be different and I feel extremely happy for that.




What inspires you to create your designs?


Many things can feed my mind and wake up my soul. My favorite music, a good movie or a documentary, a beautiful walk in nature, every past memory, every single day, my fears, my dreams, other dark or fantasy artworks…different things. I don’t love books and

guess it sounds weird but I don’t know, somehow I always found reading very boring. At least for me it’s almost impossible to keep my interest alive, prefer to watch movies. Although I do read books but most of the times it's for research.




You think of your own, I mean you really like gothic or mysterious?


Of course I like it! In matters of art, you always have to follow your heart and I guess my heart speaks a lot in me too. The only thing I wanted is to be myself, mysterious or not….doesn’t matter. Sometimes my artworks are dark and cold, sometimes are gothic or romantic, other times are cute and fairytale but this is exactly the way I like to be so it’s 100% of me behind.






You think that a design or a picture is worth a thousand words for advertising?


Absolutely yes! And not always matter the quality or techniques behind , if the picture captures things and explode our emotions then many people have to see it. Unfortunately some talented artists and their works remain in obscurity and this hurts me a lot but

I believe that if you love what you do and work hard for it, soon or later you will start to achieve your goals.




Have you ever worked with bands of other genres like Black Metal or Death Metal?


Well it’s been always different genres on my list :) Edge of Serenity, To-Mera, Black Thoughts Bleeding, Catanemia, Theodore Ziras, Lovelorn Dolls and many others which are not Gothic, not even close to Gothic Metal but so far I have met so many great musicians and bands and have done amazing collaborations worldwide so I guess the less thing that counts is the genre of music. Although I would like to experiment more in Gothic Metal, Doom and Death Metal but the most important is to keep making good collaborations and gain more experiences.




Do you like Photography?


Yes, even if I have done some steps in Photography can’t consider myself photographer but it’s very inspiring to see works of other brilliant people. Old time classic for me were Cecil Beaton and Philippe Halsman. I also like Steve McCurry and some modern photographers like Allan Amato, Tim Walker, Nicolas Guerin, Winter Kelly or Natalie Shau.




What do you like the best in a picture or an artwork? What do you normally see first?


I usually like to see pictures as thumbnails first and then to look them closer in a bigger size. Maybe I have a small obsession with that but honestly some of them looks so clear, the details and colors look clear enough no matter the tiny size and I like that. Despite this, the concept and the colors composition always count a lot. I especially love dark combinations and artworks that give me the feeling of cold winter.




Do you offer other markets and services outside of "Metal"?


Yes, there is a small business in the city I live named Quality Web Studio which provides web design services and hosting plus other graphical services. For the last 2 years I work with them! The clients are different, most of them are businesses and stores so it’s kind different from me too and the things I have used to make but I found ways to adapt and everything is great.




Would you like to include pieces from your own art collection in albums of your band?


Hell yeah! I have already done several graphical things for my band but this time I’ll do the artworks for our upcoming album. This will be the first time so everyone has high expectations about everything, consider myself as well. No doubt that will be very interesting experience!




What your friends are saying about all? For me you have a very creative mind and dark!


Thank you very much! Well I’m not sure how they see me… some of them are extremely supportive, buy stuff from me, have an opinion to share. Some others are more restrained on their reactions, I mean they still like my work but don’t make it a huge theme. I think I need both sides in my life because it helps me to keep balance and stay focus on the things that I want to do. It would be very bad to get my brains air or have many people around that will tell me all the time "How good I'm" and stuff like that.




Few words about my Art:


"Gogo Melone is the female singer of the atmospheric death/gothic band Luna Obscura and work as afreelance graphic designer/illustrator since 2007. Her art is a mixture of Digital Art and Photography and it's dark and feminine. Until today have worked with numerous bands and artists like Black Thoughts Bleeding, Theodore Ziras, Bob Katsionis, To-Mera, Lovelorn Dolls, Edge of Serenity, Catanemia and many others. Her work has been featured lately on Photoshop Creative Magazine, issue 90 in August 2012.




Find more at Gogo's official website: "








G o g o M e l o n e




Official Website:


w w w . g o g o m e l o n e . c o m


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ONLY Questions and serious offers for Artworks, CD Covers, Exhibitions etc.


ONLY for Luna Obscura's requests, questions, interviews etc.






Thank you very much!

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