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The Review!


By Darkzen



A little biography of the band!


Edenwar is a Swiss-Spanish-Mexican Symphonic Metal band founded by Anna Fiori (Mexico) and Nicolás Dobernack (Spain) in 2014.


The essence of Edenwar, reflected as a paradox between innocence and destruction is present throughout the entire album, mixing epic and immersive atmospheres with the most powerful symphonic metal, complex orchestrations and choirs that will arouse the strictest listeners.


The variety of its melodies, along with the intensity of the music, makes Edenwar a very good choice for the metal music today.


Album: Edenwar


Country: Switzerland / Spain / México

Band: Edenwar



Anna Fiori - Voice

Nicholas Dobernack- Voice and Guitar 


Genre: Symphonic / Power Metal


Edenwar is a metaphor itself, a paradox that finds its deepest meaning through looking inside every human being.

On one hand, the Eden is presented as a symbol of purity, a place where everything is a reflection of a paradise full of innocence and fragility. A timeless place where everything is perfect and yet, so delicate that any threat could destroy it with no mercy.


On the other hand, the symbol of war is presented as a place where all hope is lost, evil arises in the hearts of men, and the only thing that prevails is the survival instinct.


Edenwar is nothing but a metaphor of a mind that struggles every day to keep and protect this paradise of innocence and fragility that makes us more human, people capable of loving.


Edenwar is the banner we raise in our hearts when we do not give up to the destruction and the lack of hope, fighting for this small garden where everyone returns to their childhood.


Losing the war means becoming a stone, incapable of feeling anything, not being able to love. That’s why the battle cry for Edenwar is: #PrepareForWar.


Go with my Review!


Out of Me


It has a metaphorical beginning  with an epic chorus of background, it's a magnificent beginning! very emotional, fast and furious.

It stands out the voice of Anna and it shows defined times according with her vocal range.

The guttural gives it a dark touch full of chaos! a battle between the orchestra and the beautiful voice of Anna.

A coral line sung with strength and is the anthem of the musical orchestra of war.

The chorus really surprised me as well as the guttural of Mario Infantes.

The song has a good contrast, between the sharp and defined voice and the music with a deeper tone. This enhance both voices.


Beyond Eternity


It has an uproarious and strong beginning, with a deep and dark feeling.

It has a musical sequence similar with the previous song, similar in choruses and the voice of Anna.

It moulds perfectly with the body of the song, with the time and the musical tone.

You can notice this at the beginning and at the end of the song, it has great guitars and drums.

Timo Somers performs perfectly and shows many feelings.


Lost Dreams


What a beautiful beginning! musically and structurally are linked up with the theme and style of Edenwar. It keeps the sound and the strength of the voice.

In this song you will find electronic sequences and musical theme, with good introduced times according Anna's voice.

I consider this song as part of the essence of the álbum, showing two important things: music and voice.


Depths of Insanity


Amazing beginning! The voice of Anna has an spectacular splendor as well as heavy guitars and a fast beginning!


In this song we have to Fabio Lione, who has a vocal range that fits perfectly with Anna. This is other interesting part of the album.

A strong and devastating double bass and a strong guitar riff.

The style and lyrics of the songs takes you through esoteric and medieval style.

You can feel it in every part of your being! and his arabic ending is exquisite.


Seventh King


It has a mysterious beginning. Battles and choruses asking for a war! I like the beginnings of this álbum.

It's a slower song with a melodic and metaphorical counterweight. It's a short song but it is a prelude for what it comes later.


Here we can hear part of the battles from The Lord of The Rings and indeed this song is based in the novel of Tolkien. It has an insertion of the voices of the film.


Save my Life


This is what the previous song was preparing for! So metaphorical and exciting, with heavy guitars and perfect time between the musical part and Anna’s voice.

Her voice is strong and full of feelings. You can feel the energy the song has.

Every element has its function and created an atmosphere,  this atmosphere can transmit us pain, sadness, anguish and despair. The end is kind of abrupt.


Agony of Mankind


An angush you can feel with the beginning, as well as sadness and emotional despair.

Anna’s voice can make you feel all this feelings and the song has interesting moments, just like the other songs of the álbum.

Every song of the álbum has a solid structure, fragility of moments, some relaxing or strong .

The guttural voice of Harrison Bade is full of anger! This is the longest track of the álbum with 8 minutes length, it’s a set of emotions.


A New Silence


This song has a relaxing and quiet end, with the beautiful voice of Anna keeping her vocal range, is consistent with the musical structure.

This structure is metaphorical, strong and spontaneous.

This song has the perfect touch of spanish language, with emotion since the beginning.

Accompanied by a sublime piano and just by the half of the song, you can notice the sound of a grim guitar. A beautiful and sublime song.


My Recommendation


Creativity and musical technique

It is a creative álbum, it is the debut álbum for the band but at the same time is new.


Its musical structure is good, it has musical technique and good production. Its symphonic sequences and beautiful voices, the body of each son has its own essence.


It has times and breaks between the voice and the sound, you can hear it since the beginning.

For me, this álbum was inspired by the concept of the band name and a Little bit for the novel of Tolkien.


Its main theme is kind of fantastic, it’s full of surprises!

It’s complex but it has its own style, with a solid foundation, musical quality, epic arrangements, emotional moments and notable feelings.


Also it has many collaborations from different artists like: Fabio Lione (Angra, Rhapsody of fire), Timo Somers (Delain), Christian Vidal (Therion), ChenBalbus e Idan Amsalem (Orphaned Land), Gabriel Navalon, Mario Infantes Seemann and Herrison Bade.

They interpreted some solos or just provided their voice for some songs.


The Good

It has a great production and a good musical technique, the  collaborations show the main thematic of the álbum.


The Bad

There are very few songs! But we’ll wait for the next álbum.


Cover Art

Striking and intimidating just like the thematic of the álbum!


Vocalist: Anna Fiori

Kind of Voice: Soprano with a Sharp falsette


The vocal range of Anna is just beautiful! She can reach Sharp notes.

Her way of singing is great, she can link up with other vocal style like Fabio Leone.

The mix of them was great! It doesn’t lose its power except when the tone gets deep.



9.5 / 10




Fabio Lione (Angra, Rhapsody of Fire)

Song: Voice Depths of Insanity


Timo Somers (Delain)

Song: Alone in Lost Dreams, Beyond Eternity


Christian Vidal (Therion)

Song: Save My Life Alone


Chen Balbus and Idan Amsalem (Orphaned Land)

Song: Only in Depths of Insanity and Song: Bouzouki in Depths of Insanity


Gabriel Navalón

Song: Alone in Agony of Mankind, Out Of Me


Mario Infantes Seemann

Song: Voice Out Of Me


Herrison Bade

Song: Agony Of Mankind


The Edenchoir

Save my Life


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Official Web site:  



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